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Skyrim: Learn Languages with Games.

 This massive open world game is great for language learning, it features many languages all fully voice acted. Languages Steam:  Steam Version Pros: Can switch between every available language. -There is a mod available for simplified Chinese. Additionally it's possible to modify the font to include pinyin. I will include a link to my tutorial for this once it's done. Cons: Every time you switch language it needs to delete the current voice pack and download the new one, this process can up to an hour. However there is a way to save the current one and manually re-install it later. -The text in the game auto-closes after the speaker finishes, which makes it difficult if you can't read at that speed. One solution to this is to open up the game console with the tilda key and type sgtm .5  The number after sgtm sets the game speed slower so you can read text, bare in mind zooming with a bow will reset the game speed. Another solution is to download this pausing app which free